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Marketing Your Massage Business with Event Massage by Esther Pearson

Marketing Your Massage Business with Event Massage by Esther Pearson
Why should you market your business with event massage? The power of marketing your massage business at events like athletic meets, conventions, and trade shows is that you bring your services to potential clients instead of waiting for new clients to come to you. Traditional marketing and advertising venues, such as newspaper ads and fliers, tend to be more passive. You submit your ad or post your fliers and wait for the phone calls and clients to start pouring in.

Event massage marketing takes an active approach, allowing you to interact with potential clients face to face. Chair massage lets the customer sample your work. All it takes is the right touch and the right customer, and before you know it you've earned a client for life.

Some of the best places to market your massage business are sporting events, conventions, trade shows, health fairs, county fairs, farmers markets, and conferences. The more popular and well-attended the event, the better your chances are of attracting the attention of a steady stream of customers. The best events for marketing your massage business are those that attract people who are interested in health and wellness or relaxation. You also want to focus in on events that draw in local crowds, since your goal is to connect with potential clients in the area.

One of the best ways to ensure your success at marketing with event massage is to prepare well. Arrive early so you can be ready when the crowds begin to arrive. If your event includes other vendors, offer free demonstrations for other booth attendants who can rave about your services and direct traffic to your booth.

If you have enough space, you can partition off a makeshift room to allow a sense of privacy for your customers. Some potential clients may be hesitant to receive massage in a public setting with crowds milling by or stopping to watch. On the other hand, working out in the open draws attention to your services and shows what you have to offer. Potential clients who are hesitant to try new things may feel emboldened by observing firsthand what to expect during seated massage. It also gives them a sense of assurance to know that they're not the first in line. Seeing the relaxed and carefree expression on the face of the last customer may dissolve that last shred of uncertainty.

If you are targeting athletes at an all-day sports event, you may prefer to use a portable massage table. For most other events, a chair will attract more individuals, as it is less intimidating and works great as an introduction to bodywork. Seated massage is generally shorter and keeps the line moving so that you don't lose potential clients who tire of waiting in line.

As you market your business, focus on attracting your ideal clients for your business. Offering event massage for free may cause customers to flock to your booth, but consider the type of individual you're hoping to attract. Customers who are willing to pay a nominal fee for a sample of your work will be more likely to pay for a regular session at the office. A dollar per minute is the standard fee for chair massage. Charging a reasonable fee makes your services accessible to individuals of almost any income, while at the same time discouraging those who are just out looking for freebies. Attract customers with a potential for commitment, not those who are out to take advantage of your services.

If you hit a lull during the day, don't just sit around waiting for your next customer. If you make yourself approachable, others will be more likely to ask questions and consider your services. Stay alert and standing, ready for your next massage. Make eye contact and smile at people passing by your booth. Hand out brochures, business cards, or promotional items to people who look curious or interested in your services.

As you promote your services at an event, remember that your professional appearance is representative of your massage therapy business. Set yourself apart with a sharp, clean, and professional look, both with your personal appearance and the appearance of your booth, equipment, and business materials Having a hard time looking for a pair of shoe that will complement your little black dress? Look no more because here’s the latest alexander mcqueen shoes that will surely add a touch of glamour and style to your desired after-dark ensemble.. Your look will be interpreted as a reflection on the quality and integrity of your business.

Some therapists choose to use an intake form for every customer, even for quick sessions. Even if you choose not to use intake forms, post a sign-up sheet for customers to write down their name and address, phone number, and email. Not only will this help you keep track of who's next in line, but you can use this information later on for marketing purposes. Send a follow-up postcard with a promotional coupon to encourage your event massage customers to discover the deeper benefits of a full table massage session.

Bring your appointment schedule along to book office appointments on the spot. Then you don't have to worry about clients forgetting to call in to schedule an appointment. Booking on the spot means you don't have to rely on the good intentions of potential clients huanghaiyan251. You can also bring along several gift certificates for individuals who may be interested in purchasing a massage session as a gift for a friend or relative.

Lastly, realize that many of your event clients may never use your services again. Don't let this discourage you. Your goal is to connect with those few individuals who will turn into regular clients. This is what will make your massage event marketing a success.


Know The Fundamentals To Success

Know The Fundamentals To Success
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