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Conscious Immunity- Tapping Your Way to a Happier, Healthier YOU by alexander mcqueen Zach Miller

Conscious Immunity: Tapping Your Way to a Happier, Healthier YOU by Zach Miller
What comes to mind when you think about your immune system? Do you think about an army of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs ready to go to battle to defend you from organisms and substances that invade your system and cause disease Here you will find a collection of fashion images, like alexander mcqueen shoes, clothing, skull scarf, clutch, wedding dresses, jewelry and more.? Do you visualize little Pac-Men like creatures gobbling up all the little buggies?

How about cancer? Did just reading the word flame the fire of fear? Say these words out loud right now: "I have cancer."

How did your body react? Did your heart race? Face flush? Shoulders tense? Stomach tighten?

Though medical science has made some breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, many of us still think "DEATH" when the word is mentioned. An unfortunate fact that supports this thought is that many of us have had someone we love die of cancer. My nephew died of cancer just one month shy of his 14th birthday. It was indeed a tragic and traumatic loss for my family.

Sadly, one thing our health care system does not address adequately is the emotional factors of cancer and other dis-eases. I had one client who was in the doctors examining room, wearing nothing but a paper sheet, when she was given the diagnosis. No family in the room, feeling vulnerable and alone, with no one to physically, emotionally or spiritually support her. While driving home, reeling with thoughts of how she was going to tell her three children, she rear-ended a car at a stop light and severely injured her neck.

It just makes intuitive sense that a body experiencing fear, trauma, stress, and guilt is not in the best shape to heal anything. And though the medical community is well aware that emotional dis-ease set us up for physical dis-ease, traditional medicine does not address the emotional house as a part of the treatment plan.

Mother Teresa once said she wouldn't march on a war against anything. Nothing is cured by war. But we often speak of "fighting cancer". I truly believe a body that is at peace with itself and infuses all its cells with love has a better chance of freeing itself of any dis-ease than a body at war with itself.

Though I am not a doctor, I consider myself a healer. In my experience, it matters not what symptoms or disease the body is presenting. Be it back pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, low energy, chronic sinus infections, Parkinson's Disease, depression, and even cancer, the body cannot effectively heal itself until the underlying toxic emotions that are trapped in the body's subtle energy system is released. It's also important to know that these low frequency emotions are mostly driven by limiting beliefs and fears of the subconscious mind.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the most effective and efficient way I have found to free these toxic emotions and reprogram the subconscious.

EFT is a universal healing modality that is easy enough for almost anybody to learn but is powerful enough to assist people with everything from debilitating phobias to serious health conditions. By using a gentle tapping procedure that engages the same energy system as acupuncture, EFT rapidly balances the body and eases the emotions.

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, feels that this indispensable method of dispelling negative emotions should be available to all and has made the method easily available on line at .

Scientific studies are now emerging that supports what literally millions of people around the world have experienced: EFT, as well as other energy medicine modalities, moves the mind-body to a deeper level of peace, creating a more optimal climate for the functioning of the immune system.

Dawson Church, Ph.D., illuminates this research in his empowering book, The Genie in Your Genes. This book reports the findings of over 300 scientific studies that reveal why energy- and consciousness-based medicine will transform healthcare. Dr. Church deftly explains how genes are being turned on and off by beliefs, emotions and attitudes. I found this study particularly revealing:

“…researchers looked at people who were lonely and depressed, and compared the expression of their entire genome with a happier group. They found 209 genes that were differently expressed in the unhappy people. The nature of the affected genes is particularly interesting. They code for, amongst other things, markers of our levels of immunity from disease. So unhappy people had weakened immune systems and were more susceptible to illness.”

The book also chronicles how a patient altered the degree of clumping of her red blood cells (RBC) by using EFT. The patient's doctor examined the live red blood cells using darkfield microscopy before and after the patient used EFT. Here's what Dr. Church writes:

“Our dominant medical model does not believe that physiological processes such as red blood cell clumping are under the control of a patient's conscious mind. [This] usually takes months of treatment, if it can be accomplished at all. Yet in just two rounds of EFT, lasting just a few minutes, were enough to produce an immediate and visible change in the degree of cell clumping.” (The pictures showing the change in the RBC was nothing short of miraculous!)

I am not suggesting that EFT should replace medical care. However, the research is illuminating that our psychology plays a definitive role in our physiology, and supports the theory that bodies free of toxic emotions and energy disruptions have enhanced immune function.

In February, 2010, an EFT group is forming expressly for those who have, or have had, a cancer diagnosis. During each meeting a specific aspect of living with cancer will be addressed, including:

· Releasing the trauma of the diagnosis

· I feel guilty that I might have caused this cancer

· Who am I now that I have cancer?

· I hate chemotherapy!

· I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

· I'm ready to release the old toxic emotional junkRead a lot more written content on EFT from Forrest Samnik, LCSW, EFTCert-I at . Explore more about EFT and the meridan tapping method today!


A Brief Overview on Meditation for Beginners by Justin Woods isabel marant bobby camel low top stylish suede sneakers

A Brief Overview on Meditation for Beginners by Justin Woods
Owing to tight work schedules, it becomes difficult for an individual to maintain his health standards. Meditation is one such essential function that helps to nurture the various parts of a human body. In fact, one should meditate daily to get rid of tensions. Regular exercises help your body muscles to relax, give you a peace of mind and wash off your stress to a good extent. Meditation controls your anger and keeps you cool throughout the day. However, meditation for beginners is not easy going. If you are one of the beginners, keep in mind a number of meditation techniques Isabel Marant. If you follow them properly, you are sure to achieve your desired results.

Selecting a secluded place is one of the initial steps of meditation for beginners. Make sure that the place is absolutely devoid of distractions. Remember, meditation is not a mere exercise that can be performed anywhere. If you are desirous of getting optimum results, choosing a quiet place would be quite beneficial for you. Often, a shade under a tree works a lot in helping you gain concentration. But its always advisable that you go for an indoor spot rather than an outdoor one. One of the best indoor locations would be your own living room. Concentration is the key factor of meditation for beginners and then only you can achieve the best results.

One of the primary concerns of meditation is posture. When you sit down to meditate, make sure that the back portion of your body is always straight. While you meditate, don't lie down as you might feel drowsy. Therefore, maintaining a good body posture is one of the crucial steps of meditation for beginners. In fact, a good body posture can help you achieve optimum results within a short time period isabel marant bobby camel low top stylish suede sneakers. Well, its true that there are no such strict postures. However, sitting with crossed legs together and palms facing each other are the most preferred posture for meditation for beginners.

Deep breathing is a very important step of meditation for beginners. Breathing makes you conscious of your own body and mind and hence allows you to concentrate. There are numerous people who undergo huge stress and therefore face nervous breakdowns. Owing to excessive stress and weariness, one's mental peace gets shattered. This consequently gives rise to frustrations and anxiety. As a result, your health conditions also deteriorate. Therefore, meditation is compulsory for a peaceful mind. There are a plethora of meditation techniques that can fetch you excellent results. There are various yoga exercises too that can always help you to overcome stress huanghaiyan118.

Amongst a wide array of modern meditation techniques, theta meditation has gained importance. It produces brain waves of extremely low frequencies ranging from 4 to 8 Hz. These meditation techniques help you achieve a relaxed state of mind and frees you of all worries. In theta meditation, the produced waves sharpen your imaginative power, strengthen your emotional connections and also reduce your anxiety level. Theta meditation promises ample benefits and you can achieve them if you follow this meditation procedure in the correct manner. <