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5 Ways to Encourage Impulse Purchases

5 Ways to Encourage Impulse Purchases I just bought six square pieces of spongy
fabric for $20 and walked away happy - "victim" of an impulse purchase.I was at
one of those big show events and walked past a demonstration booth. I even knew
it was coming. About 50% of the people walking out were carrying two bright
yellow cylinder-things.As we walked toward the convention center, I told Tim (my
other half), "There's one of those guys with a microphone in there, doing a
demonstration. He gets people so excited they think they have to buy those
things. They over-pay then never use them." I said this a bit smugly. I know of
such things, so I wouldn't succumb.Yeah, right. This guy was good. So good, I
came away with five ideas for increasing sales from impulse purchases. Next time
you evaluate short-term sales and marketing strategies, think about and apply
these five impulse purchase lessons...Impulse Purchase Lesson 1: Demonstrate an
impressive, relevant feature.If the product is chocolate, sold at a retail
checkout stand, you have no need for this one. Human nature takes over. When you
are selling unrecognizable cylinder things, people need some encouragement.You
would never know it to look at them, but these things were super absorbent
shammies. They can suck 8 - 10 ounces of soda out of your carpet in nothing flat
AND it makes for an impressive demonstration. When the demonstrator mentioned
they could dry a sweater in three hours, I was hooked. Never mind we have about
two spills a year in my house and I don't own any "lay flat to dry"
sweaters.This ability to get people to "live in the moment" is one key to a
successful impulse purchase demonstration. The salesperson has a lot to do with
it, of course. Repetition of an incredible, attractive feature, however, is key
as well.Think of any infomercial or "Billy Mays" product. There is always an
"AMAZING!" feature - cooks in minutes, instantly removes stains, easily pulls
dings from your car, etc.2: Try to "time it right".Quite coincidentally, one of
those semiannual spills in my house happened the day before I bumped into the
yellow cylinder guy. I was thinking "If I'd had these yesterday, right now we
wouldn't have books stacked in the middle of the living room floor." Quite by
accident, he had related to something that was top-of-mind for me.Fortunately,
you do not have to rely on coincidence. At any one time, there are usually six
or eight generally popular "themes" you could tie into. Better yet, your target
audience is likely to have it's own unique interests.On the Internet, you can
"time it right" by associating complementary products or services. If someone is
researching monitors, for example, perhaps they need an ink cartridge for their
printer.Showing or highlighting ink cartridges on the screen along with the
monitors may incite an impulse purchase. Better yet - and this is impossible
unless you have order histories or detailed profiles - show them the exact
cartridge they need.3: Make it easy.It turns out the cylinder things costs a
flat $20. There was no change to mess with, no stopping to fill in order forms,
and no multiple pieces of currency. As people pulled $20's out of their pockets,
the demonstrator took them and handed over the shammies in a single motion.On
the Internet, you can make it easy in two ways - ordering and delivery.Make the
order process as simple as possible. Amazon's "Quick-Click" links are a good
example of making ordering easy. Impulse purchasers simply click on the "Buy
from Amazon" button and order straight off a pop-up window. You can see how it
works here, in the left column under "Amazon 'Quick-Click' Example": delivery is another way to
encourage impulse purchases on the Internet. Immediately downloadable digital
items are an example. For physical items, quick delivery - overnight, same day,
or local store pick-up - can increase sales.4: Give an enticingly presented
discount.A roll of three shammies was $21 something, but the guy was taking care
of the sales tax, which made it an even $20 (But wait, there's more!). Because
it was early he would throw in another 3-roll for no additional charge Turn your
world for the remarkable alexander mcqueen clutch and let
it be another must have in your fashion conscious closet.. Caught up in the
moment, we nodded agreement. We were getting a deal - no sales tax plus three
free.The way a discount is presented can make a deal sound either appealing or
"not such a deal". Which sounds better?...

    "Buy One, Get One Half Off." OR "Buy Two and Get a 25% Discount.""3
    for $5.00" OR "$1.67 each.""40% Off Sale" OR "On Sale, $12.00 each
    huanghaiyan251." (Assuming $20 item.)

Another way to encourage impulse
purchases is to give a discount by bundling. Offer to reduce the price on a
second, related item (Like in example #1, above.).Online, I have seen this done
with books. Some booksellers offer you a chance to save money on shipping and/or
book price if you also purchase a related item.5: "Keeping up with the
Joneses."Instead of putting the shammies in a bag, the demonstrator rolled them
up into a cylinder. This way, people at the show would see others carrying them
around and wonder what they were missing.The same concept can be applied to the
Internet. I have seen messages like: "Others who bought 'x' also bought 'y'" on
order forms, at check out, and on product screens.So there they are - five
tactics the yellow cylinder guy used to convince me (and nearly everyone around
me) to happily walk away with six shammies. By correctly applying these same
techniques you can see your sales soar as well.


10 Explosive Ways To Elevate Isabel Marant Your Sales

10 Explosive Ways To Elevate Your Sales 1. Publish an ezine. Your ezine will
provide you with a powerful way to continue to keep your marketing message on
your visitors' minds. Get more of your visitors to subscribe to your ezine by
stressing the benefits your ezine will provide to them, and by providing a bonus
for subscribing to your ezine. Also get more of your "almost subscribers" to
join your ezine by making a sample issue available on your site by autoresponder
or by publishing an archive of your past issues on your site. 2 escarpins
isabel marant. Have an about us section. This section will help you to
better tell your visitors what you can do for them. It will also allow your
visitors to get know you a little better, which will help you to increase your
visitors' trust in you. 3. Publish lots of testimonials from your past
customers. Your testimonials will help you to build up your visitors' trust and
confidence in your product. Include your testimonials on your site and also
include a couple of testimonials in each issue of your ezine to strengthen your
subscribers' trust in you and your product. 4. Offer a money back guarantee.
Your guarantee will show that you stand behind your products or services and
help you to alleviate any doubts or concerns your visitors may have about
purchasing from you. 5 huanghaiyan118. Provide an affiliate program for your
visitors and customers to join. View your affiliate program as a partnership
between you and your affiliates and provide them with resources they can use to
successfully promote your products and earn commissions. For instance, you could
provide them with sample ads, sample recommendations, and ebooks that they can
rebrand with their affiliate URLs. You could also make your articles available
for them to publish in their ezines or on their websites with their affiliate
URLs in your resource box. 6. Add a bonus for purchasing from you. Your bonus
could be ebooks, a resource that your visitors can use to promote their
businesses, or you could provide your customers with a consultation with you. 7.
Give your visitors a deadline for getting your bonus or for purchasing your
product at a discount. Your deadline will bolster your sales by giving your
visitors an urgency to buy your product. 8. Include bulleted lists within your
copy that detail all the benefits your visitors will get from purchasing your
product. Add a call to action such as "click here to order now" after your
bulleted lists. 9 Isabel
Marant. Answer your visitors' questions quickly and in a professional and
friendly way. Some of your visitors may have a lots of questions about your
service. Be sure to offer detailed answers to them. 10. Write articles. Writing
articles is an excellent way for you to get more traffic to your site. Writing
articles will also help you to get more new subscribers to your ezine as your
articles will give your readers a sneak peak at the quality content that they
can expect from you.